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Comparative Study of Bare and Emulsified Nanoscale Zero-valent Iron for Nitrate and Phosphorus Removal

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Abstract This work aims to demonstrate the effect of polyethylene sorbitan monolaurate (PSM) on the properties and reactivity of nanoscale zero-valent iron (nZVI). PSM was used in this work to prepare an emuls...ified nZVI to overcome the particle aggregation phenomenon of nZVI and show the prepared particles with good properties. For that purpose, TEM, XRD and reactivity test of nitrate and phosphorus were performed to show the changes in the performance of nZVI after being emulsified with PSM. The results showed that the emulsified (PSM) greatly improved the removal efficiency of nitrate. Moreover, PSM enhanced the particle dispersion of nZVI and showed the particles with good properties.The results showed that the emulsified nZVI with PSM was also suitable for reduction of nitrate even at a wide range of pH. This study proposed that the emulsified nZVI could have a significant contribution in the aspects of water treatment only for the reducible contaminates.show more

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