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Regulation and Observation on Exiled Offenders

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Abstract Although the research has been much conducted on exile in the meantime, there has been much to be desired to grasp the actuality of exile concretely; for example, questions such as what process was us...ed to select a place of exile, how escorts were performed, and how granted owners were decided in on the place of exile were not propperly revealed. This study is a case study performed to grasp the actuality of exile. This study herein aims to investigate what regulations and observations Kim Gwi-joo suffered from on his exile life by analyzing his exile diary entitled Geumseongilrok (錦城日錄). Specifically, to understand exile life, a prerequisite is to investigate what regulations and observations he suffered from. It is assumed that Kim Gwi-joo wrote a diary when he was exiled to Heuksando, before being transferred to Naju, but the diary has not been passed down today. Therefore, what can be revealed through Geumseongilrok is not his entire exile life but his image after being tranferred to Naju. Nonetheless, his diary shows concrete exile life as he left meticulous records. A question brought out from Kim Gwi-ju’s exile life through Geumseongilrok is to what extent regulations and observations are legal or illegal. Namely, this study is not sure whether regulations and observations performed by a governor or suryeong were conducted in an official duty or a private retaliation. To resolve this, a follow-up research should be conducted.show more

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