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Material Type Journal
Publisher 東京 : 國華社
Year 1889-
Language Japanese
Size 冊 : 挿図 ; 36cm


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LETTERS, Aesthetics & History of Arts research roo 2016-2019 122-123,124(1-12)+
LETTERS, Japanese Humanities Research Room 1968-2007 77(6),95(2-3),96(7,10),97(7-8),98(1-2,8,12),99(3-4,8),105(11),107(5),110(8),112(4),113(4)
LETTERS, Japanese Literature Research Room 1949-2016 57(9-12),58(2-12),59(2-6),60(6),61(5-12),62,63(1-3),70(5),119(5-12),120(1-12),121(1-12),122(1-3)+ 文 相見文庫
Central Library 1889-2016 1-1449
Science and Technology Library 1925-1935 35(1)-35(2),35(4),35(6)-35(9),35(11)-35(12),36(2),36(4),36(6),36(8),36(10),37(3),37(5),37(11)-37(12),38(2)-38(3),40(9),41(6),45(3),45(8) BF開架大型本(理農NDC) 通巻:410-411,413,415-418,420-421,423,425,427429,431,436,438,444-445,447-448,478,487,532,537
DESIGN LIBRARY 1957-2019 66-81,82(1-2,4-12),83-123,124(1-12)+ 冊子体は4F紀要近くに別置 1889-1977はMフィルム(リール) → 視聴覚室3階

Bibliographic details

Other titles variant access title:国華
other title:Kokka
other title:A monthly journal of Oriental art
other title:An illustrated monthly journal of the fine and applied arts of Japan and other Eastern countries
Notes 表紙には通号のみ表示
26編より巻次表示に変更あり (1編につき1-12冊の分冊表示): 25編301號 (大4.6)→26編1冊 = 302號 (大4.7)
発売: 朝日新聞社 (51編5冊-)
累積索引: 1號 (明22.10)-753號 (昭29.12), 1冊, 1956年刊; 1號 (明22.10)-1029號 (昭54.12), 1冊, 1981年刊; 1號 (明22.10)-1149號 (平3.8), 1冊, 改訂増補版, 1992年刊; 1號 (明22.10)-1274號 (平13.12), 1冊, 新版, 2003年刊
英文タイトル: Kokka (no subtitle) (v. 1 (1889.10)–v. 132 (1901.2))→Kokka : a monthly journal of Oriental art (v. 133 (1902.1)–v. 181 (1905.6)) → Kokka : an illustrated monthly journal of the fine and applied arts of Japan and other Eastern countries (v. 182 (1905.7)–v. 210 (1907.11))
本文の言語: 日本語 (v. 1 (1889.10)–v. 132 (1901.2))→英語または日本語 (v. 133 (1902.1)–v. 181 (1905.6)) →英語 (v. 182 (1905.7)–v. 210 (1907.11))
Authors *国華社 <コッカシャ>
Subjects NDLSH:美術(日本) -- 逐次刊行物  All Subject Search
NDLSH:美術(東洋) -- 逐次刊行物  All Subject Search
ID 2000056149
ISSN 00232785
NCID AN00092709
Created Date 2009.10.13
Modified Date 2019.01.07

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