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Objectivism, subjectivism, and relativism in ethics

Responsibility edited by Ellen Frankel Paul, Fred D. Miller, Jr., and Jeffrey Paul
Material Type Book
Publisher Cambridge, U.K. ; New York : Cambridge University Press
Year 2008
Language English
Size xiv, 421 p. : ill. ; 23 cm
Abstract Do we desire things because they are good, or are they good because we desire them? This question gets to the heart of the debate between moral objectivists and moral subjectivists. Objectivists answe... that we desire things because they are good (that is, things are good or bad independently of our subjective mental states), while subjectivists answer that things are good because we desire them (that is, whether things are good or bad depends on our subjective mental states). A related question concerns the existence of disagreements over values and how these disagreements are to be explained. Does it make sense to account for moral disagreement by claiming, as the moral relativist does, that something might be good for one person but not good for another?show more
Table of Contents Substantive moral theory / Philip Pettit
Virtue and nature / Christopher W. Gowans
The importance of metaphysical realism for ethical knowledge / Douglas B. Rasmussen
Why moral judgments can be objective / Tibor R. Machan
The importance of the subject in objective morality : distinguishing objective from intrinsic value / Tara Smith
Evaluative concepts and objective values : rand on moral objectivity / Darryl F. WrighT
Aristotelian constructivism / Mark LeBar
Moral construction as a task : sources and limits / Thomas E. Hill, Jr.
Constructing normative objectivity in ethics / David B. Wong
What does moral phenomenology tell us about moral objectivity? / Terry Horgan and Mark Timmons
Imaginative resistance and psychological necessity / Julia Driver
Objectivism and relational good / Connie S. Rosati
Foundations in Aquinas's ethics / Scott MacDonald
Revisionary intuitionism / Michael Huemer
Moral objectivity / Nicholas Rescher.
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Notes Includes bibliographical references and index
Authors Paul, Ellen Frankel, 1948-
Miller, Fred Dycus, 1944-
Paul, Jeffrey
Subjects LCSH:Ethics
Classification LCC:BJ1031
ID 1001415151
ISBN 9780521719636
NCID BA88986923
Vol : pbk ; ISBN:9780521719636
Created Date 2010.02.26
Modified Date 2010.02.26

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