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Causality, interpretation, and the mind

Responsibility William Child
Series Oxford philosophical monographs
Material Type Book
Publisher Oxford : Clarendon Press
Publisher New York : Oxford University Press
Year 1996
Language English
Size x, 234 p. ; 22 cm
Abstract Philosophers of mind have long been interested in the relation between two ideas: that causality plays an essential role in our understanding of the mental; and that we can gain an understanding of be...ief and desire by considering the ascription of attitudes to people on the basis of what they say and do. Many have thought that those ideas are incompatible. William Child argues that there is in fact no tension between them, and that we should accept both. He shows how we can have a causal understanding of the mental without having to see attitudes and experiences as internal, causally interacting entities and he defends this view against influential objections. The book offers detailed discussions of many of Donald Davidson's contributions to the philosophy of mind, and also considers the work of Dennett, Anscombe, McDowell, and Rorty, among others. Issues discussed include: the nature of intentional phenomena; causal explanation; the character of visual experience; psychological explanation; and the causal relevance of mental properties. show more


: pbk. Central Library 2C_1‐14 005211996024013 哲学/401/403 1996

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Notes Includes bibliographical references
Authors *Child, William (T. William)
Subjects LCSH:Philosophy of mind
LCSH:Interpretation (Philosophy)
Classification LCC:BD418.3
ID 1000280313
ISBN 0198236255
NCID BA29371063
Vol : pbk ; ISBN:0198236255
Created Date 2009.09.11
Modified Date 2009.09.11

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