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Object and property

Responsibility Arda Denkel
Series Cambridge studies in philosophy / general editor, Ernest Sosa
Material Type Book
Publisher New York : Cambridge University Press
Year 1996
Language English
Size xii,262 p. ; 22 cm
Abstract Arda Denkel develops a unified ontology of objecthood, essences and causation. A principal tenet is that while the basic units of the physical world are substances, particular properties are the analy...ic ultimates of existence. Although properties must inhere in objects, individual things are nothing more than compresences of properties at particular positions. There exist no mysterious substrata. Principles explaining how properties are held together in compresences are basically the same as those that account for essences and for causal relations. There exist no objective universals. Denkel defends a thoroughgoing particularism and offers purely qualitative accounts of individuation, identity, essences and matter. Throughout, the main alternative positions are surveyed, and the relevant historical background is traced. Since it is free of unnecessary technicalities, this book will be of interest both to specialists and to students of different levels. It can serve as a textbook in ontology more


Central Library 2C_1‐14 005211996026246 哲学/401/407 1996

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Notes Includes bibliographical references and index
Authors *Denkel, Arda
Subjects LCSH:Object (Philosophy)
LCSH:Essence (Philosophy)
Classification LCC:BD336
ID 1000228511
ISBN 0521550106
NCID BA27355882
Vol ISBN:0521550106
Created Date 2009.09.11
Modified Date 2009.09.11

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