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ショウヒシャホウ ケンキュウ

Material Type Journal
Publisher 東京 : 信山社
Year 2016.6-
Language Japanese
Size 冊 : 23cm


[Moving]LAW, Research Room 2016-2017 1-4
Holding volumes
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[Moving]LAW, Research Room 4 2017-2017
[Moving]LAW, Research Room 4 2017-2017 024112017007270 Aj 70/S/231
[Moving]LAW, Research Room 3 2017-2017
[Moving]LAW, Research Room 3 2017-2017 024112017003333 Aj 70/S/231
[Moving]LAW, Research Room 2 2017-2017
[Moving]LAW, Research Room 2 2017-2017 024112017000018 Aj 70/S/231
[Moving]LAW, Research Room 1 2016-2016
[Moving]LAW, Research Room 1 2016-2016 024112016003852 Aj 70/S/231

Bibliographic details

Other titles variant access title:Shohishaho kenkyu
back cover title:Review of consumer law
back cover title:Revue de droit de la consommation
back cover title:Zeitschrift für Verbraucherrecht
variant access title:消費者法研究
Notes 責任編集: 河上正二
Authors 河上, 正二(1953-) <カワカミ, ショウジ>
ID 2000066666
ISSN 21887101
NCID AA12757057
Created Date 2016.08.10
Modified Date 2018.01.12