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The Oxford handbook of metaphysics

Responsibility edited by Michael J. Loux and Dean W. Zimmerman
Material Type Book
Publisher Oxford : Oxford University Press
Year 2003
Language English
Size xi, 724 p. ; 26 cm
Abstract The Oxford Handbook of Metaphysics offers the most authoritative and compelling guide to this diverse and fertile field of philosophy. Twenty-four of the world's most distinguished specialists provid... brand-new essays about 'what there is': what kinds of things there are, and what relationshold among entities falling under various categories. They give the latest word on such topics as identity, modality, time, causation, persons and minds, freedom, and vagueness. The Handbook's unrivaled breadth and depth make it the definitive reference work for students and academics across thephilosophical spectrum. show more
Table of Contents Nominalism / Zoltán Gendler Szabó
Platonistic theories of universals / Joshua Hoffman and Gary S. Rosenkrantz
Individuation / E.J. Lowe
Identity / John Hawthorne
Existence, ontological commitment, and fictional entities / Peter van Inwagen
The problem of possibilia / Kit Fine
Reductive theories of modality / Theodore Sider
Presentism / Thomas M. Crisp
Four-dimensionalism / Michael C. Rea
Space-time substantivalism / Graham Nerlich
Persistence through time / Sally Haslanger
Events / Peter Simons
Causation and supervenience / Michael Tooley
Causation in a physical world / Hartry Field
Distilling metaphysics from quantum physics / Tim Maudlin
Material people / Dean W. Zimmerman
The ontology of the mental / Howard Robinson
Supervenience, emergence, realization, reduction / Jaegwon Kim
Libertarianism / Carl Ginet
Compatibilism and incompatibilism : some arguments / Ted Warfield
Realism and anti-realism : Dummett's challenge / Michael J. Loux
Ontological and conceptual relativity and the self / Ernest Sosa
Vagueness in reality / Timothy Williamson.
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Notes Includes bibliographical references and index
Authors Loux, Michael J.
Zimmerman, Dean W.
Subjects LCSH:Metaphysics
Classification DC21:110
ID 1001249296
ISBN 019825024X
NCID BA63908158
Vol ISBN:019825024X ; PRICE:£75.00 : CIP entry (Aug.)
NBN BA3X1032
Created Date 2009.09.18
Modified Date 2009.09.18

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