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A Review on Tensile Behavior of Different Kinds of Fiber Reinforced Concrete

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Abstract With the development of science and technology of material in civil engineering, concrete has been the mostly used building material worldwide. Concrete, best known for its high compressive strength a...lso has defects in some of its mechanical behaviors likely low tensile performance, bad toughness, low anti-cracking performance and so on. Inclusion of fibers in concrete can significantly improve its tensile performance. Researches and development efforts are being made to use different types of natural, metallic and synthetic fibers as reinforcement to fiber reinforced concrete (FRC) for better tensile performance. Despite such interest to use fibers in concrete structures, some doubts still remain regarding the influence of fibers on the tensile properties of concrete. The aim of this review paper is to provide a consolidated conclusion made from numerous researches to date on the tensile behavior of FRC, which have been conducted using different kind of fibers.show more

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