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A Review on Water Conservation and Consumption Behavior: Leading Issues, Promoting Actions, and Managing the Policies.

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Abstract Securing supplies of freshwater is now a big concern for policymakers worldwide. Water saving represents significant pro-environmental behavior for a sustainable water resource. In this paper we prese...nt the determinants of conservation and use of household water to establish the relative influence of psychosocial, environmental, and demographic bases. We evaluate the predominant study on the factors influencing excessive water consumption, the various ways in which water agencies can control over-consumption, promote residential water conservation, and claim for the demand-side programs. If we maintain the positive attitude and intention toward conservation, change our daily water use behavior, build the habit to use less water as we can, involve the pro-environmental activities, and if the government properly manage the water demand of every household, this can help to conserve water for our future generation and develop the capability to better implement water conservation agendas that respond to short-term to long term water scarcity crises.show more

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