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Spatiotemporal Investigation of Atmospheric Water Harvesting Potential Using Response Surface Methodology for Multan (Pakistan) and Fukuoka (Japan)

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Abstract The concept of response surface methodology is to develop an explicit relationship between continuous and response variables through the regression and ANOVA analysis. In this study, the regression re...lationships were developed between the dry bulb temperature, relative humidity and atmospheric pressure as continuous variables and precipitable water as a response variable to check the variability of atmospheric water harvesting potential. The regression equations developed with the combinations of continuous variables for Multan (Pakistan) and Fukuoka (Japan) were also modified by analyzing the p-value. Only those combinations of continuous variables were selected which have p-value less than 0.05 because any change in these continuous variables affects the changes in response variable. The contour and residual plots were also developed for the analysis of model variation. These plots represent the range of maximum and minimum output of response variable. The response surface optimization was also analyzed to check the model accuracy.show more

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