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Study on Solid Desiccant-Based Air-Conditioning for Wet-Markets

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Abstract The higher relative humidity inside wet-markets results in the growth of pathogenic micro-organisms that affect qualitative and nutritive attributes of the products prompting epidemic health problems ...to the occupants as well as consumers. In this study, M-cycle evaporative cooler (MEC) coupled solid desiccant air conditioning system (DAC) was investigated for wet market applications in Punjab, Pakistan. The model of Beccali was used for performance investigation of the desiccant wheel while MEC and heat exchanger were evaluated by governing equations from literature. The study area (i.e. Punjab) was divided into four zones i.e. Northern Punjab (Z1), Upper Punjab (Z2), Central Punjab (Z3), and Lower Punjab (Z4) based on variations in environmental conditions. The results revealed that the proposed DAC system can effectively achieve optimum temperature and relative humidity conditions in the summer season in Z2, Z3, and Z4. However, the proposed system was not applicable in Z1 because of the lower temperature and humidity conditions in this zone.show more

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