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Evaporative Cooling Systems for Thermal Comfort of Foreign Cattle Breeds: THI Evaluation and System Feasibility

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Abstract Agriculture is an important economic sector for developing countries. It is providing food, fiber and energy to the increasing human population. In developing countries like Pakistan, livestock is the... main source of livelihood for majority of the rural population. As compared to research on crop production and the effect of climate on livestock production systems, or how they can adapt to changes is rarely studied. In climate change affected Pakistan, the milk production of foreign breeds is highly affected by the heat stress. The sternness of heat stress conditions in high-yielding dairy cows is currently underestimated. The present study investigates the system feasibility and evaluation of temperature-humidity index (THI) for foreign breeds of cattle under interior climatic zone in Multan. To achieve the thermal comfort for high productive breeds of cattle, different types of vapor compression (VCAC) air conditioning system are used worldwide. These systems consume large amount of primary energy and contribute directly to global warming. To overcome this problem, low-cost evaporative cooling system has been studied and designed for thermal comfort of livestock applications and the feasibility of these systems are checked for the climatic condition of Multan. The expected climate changes that can affect the livestock population and milk production was studied in present study and a possible option for long term planning has been discussed.show more

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