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Study on Desiccant Dehumidification System Using Experiments and Steady-State Model

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Abstract Recently, desiccant air conditioning system is an alternative to conventional air-conditioning system in effective control of temperature and humidity. Temperature and humidity play an important role ...in the thermal comfort of humans. In the agriculture sector, it can be used to reduce post-harvest losses by providing specific conditions of about temperature and humidity in the storage system. Working principle of the DAC system is shown in the schematic diagram with a representation of the psychrometric chart. DAC system is water adsorption system as it adsorbs water and dehumidifies the air required for a specific purpose. DAC contains silica gel with different configurations. Air is passed through the DAC system and dehumidified after being released. Some analysis is made under controlled conditions and feasibility of the system is checked by applying Beccali Model available in the literature. Results show that DAC system is more economical and energy-saving with environment-friendly characteristics. DAC system is applicable in all conditions of agriculture products storage and industrial-scale air conditioning.show more

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