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Lab-Scale Study of Desiccant Dehumidification System for Poultry Shed Air-Conditioning in Pakistan

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Abstract Poultry sector is a major contributor in GDP of Pakistan. Poultry birds are highly sensitive to ambient temperature and relative humidity. At higher temperature and humidity ranges, poultry birds face... heat stroke and suffocation. Thereby, a dedicated air-conditioning system for poultry birds is mandatory. In this regard, performance of low-cost desiccant dehumidification system coupled with Maisotsenko cycle evaporative cooling (M-DAC) system is experimentally analyzed for potential application of poultry birds air-conditioning. Thermodynamic performance of M-DAC system is analyzed in terms of slope (i.e. ϕ*=0.22) and effectiveness (ε). Thermal comfort of poultry birds in terms of temperature humidity index (THI) is assessed using ambient data of Multan (Pakistan) and process air conditions. M-DAC system was found to be effective (in terms of THI) for poultry birds air-conditioning around the year especially in hot summer months (i.e. May, June July, August, and September) when THI for ambient air exceeded beyond permissible limit.show more

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