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Effect of Nanoparticle Concentration on the Specific Heat Capacity and Thermal Stability of Graphite Nanoparticle-based Molten Salt

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Abstract This study targets at examining the effect of nanoparticle concentration on the specific heat capacity (Cp) and thermal stability of binary carbonate salt eutectic mixture (lithium carbonate and potas...sium carbonate at a molar ratio of 62:38, respectively) doped with three different weight percentages (2%, 4%, and 6%) of graphite nanoparticles (GNP). Simultaneous thermal analyzer (STA) is used to obtain the Cp and thermal stability of the prepared samples in both solid and liquid phases. The experimental findings show that the increasing mass concentration of graphite nanoparticles can positively affect the performance of the nanocomposites in thermal energy storage (TES) system. The highest specific heat capacity enhancement of 25% is observed in case of 6% (wt.) graphite nanoparticle inclusion in liquid phase. The superior thermal properties of the nanocomposites and mass concentration-controlled Cp enhancement are explained in regard to the formation of compressed layers on nanoparticle surface and particle agglomeration tendency.show more

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