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Electrical Power Estimation of Thermoelectric Cement Composites with Inclusion of Nanostructured Materials

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Abstract Measurement of electrical power output for a thermoelectric generator is of great importance for thermoelectric materials research and development. In this work, the calculation of output power based ...on the thermoelectric properties measurements of cement composites with graphene nanoplatelets and zinc oxide is reported. The maximum output power of 6.0 μW is estimated when the graphene and ZnO contents are 10 wt%, respectively, by cement mass. Approximately 1.5 W power could be achieved by a one square meter graphene nanoplatelets and ZnO added cement composite with a height of 10 mm under a temperature difference of about 50 °C. This paper also discusses the fabrication as well as the thermoelectric properties measurements of cement compositeshow more

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Created Date 2020.10.22
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