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Simulation-based Optimum Models for Type-I(a) and Type-I(b) IUPAC Classified Adsorption Isotherms

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Abstract Adsorption cooling technologies driven by low-grade thermal or solar power are used as an alternative to refrigeration and air conditioning systems. To boost the calculation of the performance paramet...ers, the replication of experimental data and the rigorous study of adsorption heat transformation (AHT) method, optimum adsorption isotherms model must be identified. Scientists face difficulties in selecting the right isotherm model to explain their experimental observations. This research introduces the optimal models for Type-I(a) and Type-I(b) International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) isotherms. This study suggests optimum model based on simulation, where samples were taken using multivariate normal distribution by varying parameters. Firstly, the Box and Whisker error plots identify modified BET and Tóth models corresponding to Type-I(a) and Type-I(b) isotherms. Secondly, the robust parametric ANOVA and pairwise Tukey HSD test confirms that these two models are significantly optimal. The results presented are significant in comprehensive adsorption cycle research.show more

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