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Conductivity of Gadolinium (III) Oxide (Gd_2O_3) in Hydrogen-containing Atmospheres

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Abstract In this study, Gd_2O_3 was used to investigate the conductivity in H_2O and D_2O mixed with argon (Ar) atmospheres, and also in pure Ar and oxygen atmospheres ranging from 773 K to 1373 K to understan...d its possible application in the fusion reactor’s tritium permeation barrier and purification system. The investigation shows that the conductivity of Gd_2O_3 is higher in both hydrogen-containing Ar atmospheres (Ar+ H_2O and Ar+D_2O) than that in pure Ar. The obtained proton conductivity of Gd_2O_3 was about two orders lower in magnitude than that of a typical proton conductor CaZr0.9In0.1O_3 [1]. Therefore, Gd_2O_3 could be a potential material, but much improvement is required for the tritium recovery and purification system of nuclear fusion reactors.show more

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