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Factorial Experimental Design for Optimization of Cesium Removal from Aqueous Solutions

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Abstract The effective removal of cesium from aqueous solution is an emerging issue all over the world particularly in Japan after destroyed Daiichi nuclear power plant of Fukushima. To reduce the expended che...micals and reagents in experimental work and number of the experiment, it is required to implement statistical optimization of the factors for the cesium removal process. In this study, factorial experimental design and multivariate regression technique were employed to evaluate the main effects and interactions among the pH, initial concentration and contact time in the cesium removal process using nZVI-Z as an adsorbent. The study revealed that maximum cesium removal occurred at pH level 6, initial concentration of 200 mg/L and contact time of 30 minutes. Initial concentration was the statistically significant factor followed by contact time. Moreover, the significant interaction effect was observed between contact time and initial concentration.show more

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