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Effect of Nano Zero Valent Iron Delivery Method into Porous Media on Phosphorus Removal from Groundwater

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Abstract The main aim of this study is to investigate the effect of the delivery method of nano zero valent iron (NZVI) into porous media on the removal of phosphorus from groundwater. Different column experim...ents were conducted considering injection and permeable reactive barrier (PRB) approaches using sand-packed column with 65 cm length and 10 cm inner diameter. Results revealed that Injecting 10 g of NZVI into C4 resulted in the highest sorption capacity and average removal efficiency of 25 mg/L phosphorus concentration over 14 days with 197.76 mg-P/g-NZVI and 84.8% respectively. The dissolved oxygen levels in the effluent samples of the NZVI column were declined due to the oxidation process of NZVI, which was accompanied by a lower ORP values. The change of the delivery methodology of NZVI into porous media affected its capacity to remove phosphorus, revealing that injection could be better than PRB in terms of the reactive performance.show more

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Created Date 2020.01.29
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