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Continuous-flow of Nanoscale Zero Valent Iron based system for phosphorus removal

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Abstract In this study, the removal performance of NZVI for phosphorus under different five condition such as 1) open (with Polishing Unit (1a) and without one (1b)), 2) full aerobic (air flow=1.2L/min. (2a) a...nd 1L/min. (2b)) and 3) full anaerobic conditions (nitrogen flow=3L/min) were analyzed. The initial phosphorus concentration and feeding rate were maintained each approximately 25 mg P/L and 20 ml/min. In each condition, the reactor phosphorus removal rates for initial 3 hours were 77.6 ± 10.2% (1a), 96.3 ± 1.7% (1b), 95.6 ± 1.4% (2a), 95.5 ± 2.3% (2b) and 96.8 ± 2.0% (3). From these results, there are no big differences between them. However, all of the rates decreased to about 50 to 80% after 12 hours. The effluent total iron concentration from the reactor was also analyzed and the correlation with the effluent phosphorus concentration was calculated. As a result, correlation coefficient was R^2=0.963 (2a), R^2=0.897(2b), R^2=0.885(3) respectively, and it was confirmed that there is positive correlation.show more

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