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Investigation on Nanoscale Zero Valent Iron interactions in aqueous solution

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Abstract Nanoscale Zero Valent Iron (NZVI) is a waste water treatment approach that is currently gaining attention due to its high efficiency on removal of various water contaminants. To understand its chemica...l reaction mechanisms, NZVI interactions in aqueous solution free from contaminants were investigated in this study. Several batch experiments were conducted to determine the effect of pH, temperature and dissolved oxygen on ferrous and ferric concentrations. Results showed that the elution of iron ion occurred fast in the first 10 minutes followed by an obvious depletion in concentration due to iron precipitation, and then remained constant. The concentration of ferric was higher than that of ferrous in both oxic and anoxic conditions. Acidic condition enhanced the amount of iron elution because it provided H+ to promote the iron elution reaction forward. The highest temperature of 90℃ condition gave highest iron concentration. However, among lower temperatures, relatively lower temperature gave higher iron concentration. These results are useful for the NZVI application on water treatment in a large scale.show more

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