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The Effect of Electrospinning Precursor Flow Rate with Rotating Collector on ZnO Nanofiber Size Results on Double-Layered DSSC Photoanode Fabrication

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Abstract DSSC solar cells are predicted to be energy conversion devices for the next generation; therefore, various developments are carried out to improve the performance of DSSC solar cells. In this paper, w...e present the results of research on the process of using ZnO nanofibers as DSSC photoanodes using an electrospinning machine. The direct deposition method was used to directly spray the ZnO precursor solution on conductive glass deposited with TiO2. The rotating collector was used to make uniform and reduce the size of the resulting nanofiber structure. The size reduction in the resulting nanofiber can improve the performance of DSSC photoanode. Variations of a precursor discharge of 2, 4, 6, and 8 μL/minute were used to determine the effects on the morphological arrangement of the resulting ZnO nanofibers. From the results of this study, the most uniform nanofiber results and the smallest average size were obtained from the use of the lowest flow rate variation, which was 2 ml/minute.show more

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