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YANAGI Kaneko's performance activity and MINGEI (National Art) Movement in colonial Korea

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Abstract YANAGI Kaneko (1892-1984) developed the Japanese song singing method when Western music is not established in Japan, and was a pioneer in Japan of the Deutsches Lied singing method, and built the voca...l music base of Japan. And YANAGI Kaneko is a person who was known by the Koreans of the colonial term through art activities with her husband, YANAGI Mumeyoshi, who was a folk craft investigator and who remains in memory of Koreans till today. Mr. and Ms. YANAGI were special Japaneses by the ""concert" prospectus" offered to Korea with the joint signature of Mumeyoshi and Kaneko in April 1920, and art music was announced in Korean various places and who was loved in colonial Korea. After the 3. 1 movement, YANAGI Muneyoshi contributed to "Yomiuri Shimbun" "thinking about the Koreans", criticized Korean government of Japan, and caused various echoes. Mr. and Ms. YANAGI have held the concert over 7 times during the colonial term of Korea, and high evaluation was made by the Korean young elite. From the 1920s to the first 1930s was the time when the Korean governor-general's colonial policy was converted, and the so called "cultural politics" was advocated, when YANAGI Kaneko played an active part. Extension of various organs of public opinion increased the space of a cultural site, and was connected with promoting many art activities of music, literature, fine arts, etc. On the other hand, a colonial policy of those days has one side which cannot eliminate that it was a part of a detour-policy for diverting the Korean elite's political concern to the basis of the beautiful name of the "cultural politics." Therefore, it is asked whether it was based on their contribution to the Korean. Apart from Mr. and Ms. YANAGI's real intention, the performance activities and folk craft movement in colonial Korea weakened the Koreans' political concern as the aim of a Korean governor-general's, and can be said that it spread as a reconciliation policy through art.show more
Table of Contents はじめに 1「文化政治期」朝鮮の音楽文化 2 柳宗悦と朝鮮の関わり 3 朝鮮人留学生と柳夫妻 1)柳宗悦の朝鮮民芸運動の萌芽 2)柳兼子の師弟関係 31920年の初めての「柳兼子独唱会」 4 柳夫妻の同志社時代 5 朝鮮音楽界 むすびにかえて

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