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Challenges Facing Japanese National Universities and Potential Solutions

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Abstract 国立大学は自らの改革や大学院重点化に加えて競争原理の導入や統合再編そして法人化と、大きな変革の真只中にある。国立大学の図書館は、大学における教育研究の基盤をなす必須の組織として法的に高い地位を保障されてきたが、法人化に伴いその法的根拠のひとつを失い、自らその存在の基盤を再構築する必要も生じている。本稿では、こうした法人化に伴う課題だけでなく、それ以前の段階で大学図書館が抱えている一般的な課題とその解決法、新しい大学図書館像等について考察し、この約6年間に亙る九州大学附属図書館における様々な活動を紹介することによって、ひとつの大学図書館像を示し、諸課題への具体的な解決法を例示したい。
National university libraries are in the midst of great changes as a result of self-reform, increased emphasis on the importance of graduate education, the introduction of principles of competitiveness, reorganization through consolidation, and finally their change of status into independent administrative entities (hojinka). Traditionally the laws have guaranteed libraries in national universities held a high position within the organizational structure to ensure the essential mission of libraries within the education and research missions of universities, but this has changed with the legal changes of the change to independent administrative status, and now they are forced to restructure their existence within university organization. This paper looks not only at the issues relating to the change to independent administrative entity, but also the way libraries had previously solved problems and how libraries are beginning to think about new images of the library. The author will consider the various activities and changes of Kyushu University Library during the past six years as a way of providing a realistic example of one university library's attempts to re-image itself and deal with the various challenges it faced.

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