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Coastal Retracking using along-track waveform echograms in Seas of Indonesia

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Abstract A coastal retracking method using along-track waveform echograms is examined in Seas of Indonesia where complicated topography with numbers of islands prevents full use of satellite altimeters in spit...e of high depends. In other seas, the method has successfully eliminated bright parabolic shapes in echograms, namely unexpected strong reflection from calm water surface in semi-closed bays within a footprint of an altimeter. But the method is found not properly applicable in Seas of Indonesia. Large areas of high microwave reflectors, or slicks, are intermittently but frequently present in the sea even away from coasts, but they are not accounted in the method which eliminates bright parabolas from single-point reflectors in the echograms. The method is modified to include an additional process to detect presence of slicks in the echograms, which enables to estimate the sea surface height was to estimate the sea surface height in Seas of Indonesia.show more

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Created Date 2018.07.09
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