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Misunderstanding in Kazuo Ishiguro's The Unconsoled : What Does Brodsky's Loss of Leg Imply?

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Abstract In an interview, Kazuo Ishiguro said that The Unconsoled is a biography of the protagonist, Ryder, in which he bumps into earlier, or later, versions of himself. Taking that statement into considerati...on, this paper focuses on the misunderstanding between a parent and a child. The novel shows that if a problem arises between a father or mother (or both) and a child and the parent shows indifference or leaves the problem unsolved over time, it becomes a traumatic psychological wound for the child. Furthermore, I examine how such a psychological wound resonates with Brodsky's loss of his left leg. Brodsky's injury can be compared with Ryder's psychological wounds that he received in the past in his private and public life. This paper examines the connection between these traumas.show more
Table of Contents Introduction
1. Misunderstanding
2. Amputation
3. Conclusion

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