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How I have Studied Comparative Literature

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Abstract I studied Comparative Literature in the Graduate School of the University of Tokyo under Professor Kinji Shimada. He was the only specialist of this field in Japan in the 1940s. The study of Literatur...e was divided into the study of each nation's literature, such as Japanese Literature and French Literature. Professor Shimada, a specialist of English Literature, was aware of the need for comparative literary research, and succeeded in founding the graduate course for Comparative Literature at the University of Tokyo. Taking its Master's and Doctoral courses, I was able to cultivate a fresh vision of literature through lectures given by such eminent professors as Yoichi Maeda, Toru Terada, Hideo Fujikawa, and Eiichi Kikuchi. These professors were not specialists in comparative literature, but they were all interested in a comparative literary view and had done some work in this field. Professor Shimada's lectures in particular gave me an idea what comparative literature is. Notably, he taught us ]'explication de textes as the most important method for the basic study of comparative literature. He opened our eyes not only to comparative literary theory, but_ also a variety of literary and cultural theories by eminent European scholars. Since then, I have been devoted to this genre of literary study, and widened my comparative literary perspective through my experiences studying at universities in France, as a visiting scholar in Russia, and participation in the International Dostoevsky Symposium.show more
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1 原点としての島田謹二先生の課外授業
2 比較文学徒弟時代
3 比較文学研究の遍歴時代
4 比較文学は生きる道

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