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Cover image of 江戸明治初期の輸入医薬品・医療機器の実態調査と現存資料の総目録の作成について — Investigation and Catalogization of Medico-pharmaceutical Imports during the Edo-and Early Meiji-Period.
MICHEL Wolfgang ; MICHEL Wolfgang
Project Year: 2002-2005
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Abstract: Based on extensive field work all over Japan in museums, archives, private collections etc. our research team conducted a series of investigations as follows : (1) Investigation of medicinal chests and medical instruments from the Edo period. Compilation of data and photographic documentation. (2) Chemical analysis of Edo period ointments (unguenta). (3) DNA analysis of crude drugs from the Edo period. (4) Investigation of written sources from the Edo period related to plasters and ointments. (5) Research on patent medicaments from the Edo period. (6) Investigation of written sources related to Edo period patent medicaments. (7) Investigation of Edo period product registers (sanbutsucho). Compilation of data. (8) Investigation of materia medica exhibitions (yakuhinkai) from the Edo period. Compilation of data. (9) Investigation of records related to Edo period herbal gardens. Compilation of data. (10) Microscopicals analysis of pills from the Edo period. (11) Investigation of pressed plant material from the Edo period. (12) Compilation of pharmaceutical terms and instrument names in Japanese sources related to Edo period Dutch-style medicine. (13) Investigation of materia medica and curiosity collections from the Edo period. (14) Compilation of data in papers from Dutch East India ships bound for Japan and other contemporary Dutch sources related to materia medica and medicinal instruments. (15) Investigation of Meiji period catalogues of medical instruments. Compilation of data. (16) Investigation of importers, producers and merchants of medical instruments in the Meiji period. The discovery and investigation of numerous pharmaceutical material and medical instruments has provided a more solid foundation for research on the modernization of medicine in Edo Japan, which started already during the latter half of the 17th century. It was shown that written source material has its limits when it comes to the extent and contents of actual medical treatment methods used by Edo period physicians. Up to now our research results have been published in 49 publications including several monographs and articles for exhibition catalogues. Furthermore we have given 76 oral presentations at Japanese and 7 presentations at international congresses and conferences. Many of our articles are available through the internet. Further presentations and publications are in preparation. Read more
Kyushu Univ. Production Kyushu Univ. Production
Cover image of E.ケンペル著「日本誌」の原稿の解読、出版及びケンペル資料の総目録の作成・発表 — Publication of E. Kaempfer's Manuscript
Wolfgang MICHEL ; HICHEL Wolfgang
Project Year: 1997-1999
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Abstract: During the first year of this project a text file was made of Engelbert Kaempfer's manuscript on Japan (British Library, Sloane Collection no. 3060). The structure of the manuscript and its features turned out to be more complex than previous publications had stated. Thus further investigations in London became necessary. Only a part of this manuscript was written by Kaempfer himself. Most pages show the handwritings of others who helped Kaempfer to copy his first drafts. Nevertheless numerous ambiguities, repetitions, incomplete sentences, incongruities and misspellings suggest that this was not a final version ready for the printing house. The same conclusion lies at hand when going through the graphic materials bound together in the ms volume 3060. Although we are able to reconstruct Kaempfer's intentions fairly well there remain uncertainties concerning the final form of the book he would have published, if he had been given a chance to do so. In comparison with the printed versions edited by Scheuchzer and Dohm Kaempfer's original manuscript shows a distinctive language of description. This manuscript is an excellent source for cases studies on intercultural perception. While deciphering the handwritings in the manuscript 3060 some observations on specific phenomena were published in three articles and parts of a book. The voluminous text of the manuscript itself together with more than 9000 footnotes is printed by the iudicium verlag in Germany. Furthermore a detailed discussion of the writing of this manuscript and related questions is published in a separate volume aiming at deepening the understanding of the manuscripts and its contents. As a byproduct of this project many biographic materials, a sample set of Kaempfer's handwriting and a bibliography of international studies on Kaempfer (the most comprehensive bibliography up to now) were published on the homepage of the investigator. Read more

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